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Mindful Leadership Endorsements
Whether I was running a mulit-billion dollar company or a start-up, I thought I was doing everyone a favour by multi-tasking. I actually believed I was one of the few that could do it well. Maria's insight and approach has made me realize that I was a distracted and inefficient leader and created stress for both myself and those I led. This book is a must read for anyone in a position of leadership or a position to impact others in small organizations or large.
Alek Krstajic
CEO of Public Mobile (and former President of Bell Mobility)

Mindful Leadership approaches the subject of leadership and decision making from an unusual perspective. The insights are practical and useful but require effort to perfect. The techniques, which are both simple and complex at the same time are laid out clearly and in fascinating detail.
Greig Woodring
President & Chief Executive Officer, RGA (Reinsurance Group of America)

Make no mistake about it, this book is a gift. A gift to all busy leaders, managers and willful individuals who wish to make a difference for themselves and above all, for those around them. Looking beyond the razor-edge of Key Performance Indicators and hard outcomes, it deals with changing the way one looks at leadership, bringing authenticity and values to the fore, and achieving more for all in the process. A timely book which instantly reaffirms ones humanity. Management meets meditation to provide something simply awesome and awe-inspiring for those fortunate enough to read this and be open to its wisdom. It's a much needed new way of living and thinking, like a breath of fresh air to chase those blue cobwebs away from our minds, recharge our energy and add gracious purpose to our lives. Thank you!
Sandra Macleod
Group Chief Executive, Echo Research (U.K.)

Tremendous! Today, we live in what are unquestionably interesting times, where success ultimately depends on our ability to devote all of our intelligence, creativity and energy to the present moment. Maria Gonzalez's inspiring new book provides us a holistic guide to leadership. Its nine specific ways of being are brilliant in their simplicity and will guide us on the road to achieving our personal and professional dreams.
Peter R. Schaefer
President and CEO
Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America

Mindful Leadership is a serious guide to helping one to reset and reshape their crackdown rhythms in a manner which allows for a richer and more meaningful life - personally and professionally! It provides great tips and techniques to help make more sense out of one's "fuzzy set" and encourages you to accept, adopt and adapt to current conditions. In summary, Mindful Leadership positions you to lead and live with greater confidence and increased clarity.
Mike Pado
Chief Executive Officer
Aurigen USA Holdings Inc.

This is a down to earth and realistic guide to becoming a great leader and a better, happier human being. It is the most readable and actionable book on leadership that I have read in a very long time. It demystifies both Mindfulness and leadership by by giving easy to follow examples and exercises. Whether you are a CEO or are just starting your career this book will give you some simple ways to start to improve your performance today.
Janet Martin
Janet C. Martin Management (and former EVP Retail Banking CIBC)

I love this book. It is very easy to read and understand and a great guide to achieve clarity and purpose in what is truly important to you and your business. Whether you prefer to learn step-by-step or by allowing information to wash over you, the techniques can't help but benefit anyone who wants to lead well. The insights and practical tools in Mindful Leadership are invaluable for anyone who wants to be a good leader in all aspects of their life – work and personal.
Rob Quartly
Juno Award-Winning Filmmaker and Entrepreneur


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