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Alliances create value. They enable companies to keep pace with change, with growing competitive pressures, and with increasing customer expectations. In today's networked world, alliances represent a strong growth strategy. In fact, it is expected that within the next five years as much as 50% of revenue and up to 25% of an organization's market capitalization will come from alliances. Therefore, getting it right is critical.

According to Forbes magazine, "Companies with more joint ventures, marketing and manufacturing alliances, and other forms of partnerships have substantially higher market values than companies that do not form such relationships."

But not all alliances succeed. In fact, studies have shown that as many as 70% of alliances fail.

Firms that want to develop strategic partnerships that significantly contribute to the bottom line must develop their alliance strategy carefully, choose their partners well, and carefully manage implementation.

In order to mitigate the risk of failure and create success, two conditions are necessary:

1. That the partners be strategically aligned.
2. That the partners be culturally compatible.

Argonauta can help you achieve such success.








Our Approach

At Argonauta we believe that corporate success starts with a well developed corporate strategy and a well developed alliance strategy.



What We Provide

Argonauta offers six distinct services. Separately they address an individual's or a firm's specific need. Together, they form a comprehensive plan for corporate success.

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