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Mindfulness Meditation is about being present in the moment and experiencing life to its fullest.  It is a practice that does not require a belief system.  Scientific studies have shown Mindfulness Meditation:

  • Rewires the brain for greater focus and happiness
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Contributes to a healthy heart

Ms Gonzalez focuses her work primarily on the corporate world and its leaders, understanding that this will ultimately impact entire organizations.  She coaches executives throughout North America, on a one-on-one basis, teaching them how and why to be mindful.  She also teaches classes for larger groups, conducts workshops and retreats, as well as leading Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programs. Ms. Gonzalez has found an increasing demand for her coaching services in both managing stress, as well as applying Mindfulness to every aspect of business and life. 
Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation in the working world include:

  • Greater focus and concentration
  • Improved time management
  • An enhanced ability to anticipate and serve client needs
  • Enhanced team effectiveness
  • Greater innovation and inspiration
  • Greater productivity

“By teaching Mindfulness Meditation to company leaders, the entire organization is positively impacted,” she noted.

Executives have reported lower stress levels and greater focus thanks to Mindfulness Meditation.  

By incorporating Mindfulness in her day-to-day work at Argonauta Consulting, Ms. Gonzalez has quickly grown her company. 

“Argonauta Consulting has benefited greatly because mindfulness is the way in which I do business, from developing business strategy for companies, creating alliances, negotiating deals and assessing organizational governance,” Ms. Gonzalez explained.  “Statistics show that over 70% of alliances fail, and this number has been consistent for more than a decade. By applying mindfulness to the alliance process I experience consistent success”, she added.

The company focuses on alliances including both external and internal partnerships, bringing together independent organizations, including mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as creating alliances between business units in large organizations.  Additionally, she works with senior executives to develop strategic thinking and identify market opportunities, through structured and facilitated strategy sessions, executive retreats, and one-on-one-coaching.

“Modern neuroscience is showing that our minds are as plastic as our bodies. Meditation can help you train your mind in the same way exercise can train your body."
Dr. Richard Davidson, neuroscientist and research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Business Week, August, 2004

“Of course, the benefits of these practices are not just for monks who spend months at a time in meditation retreat.  Dr. Davidson told me about his research with people working in highly stressful jobs. These people — non-Buddhists — were taught mindfulness, a state of alertness in which the mind does not get caught up in thoughts or sensations, but lets them come and go, much like watching a river flow by.  After eight weeks, Dr. Davidson found that in these people, the parts of their brains that help to form positive emotions became increasingly active.”
The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, in his article, “The Monk in the Lab,” New York Times, April 26, 2003