"Argonauta is dedicated to helping individuals and companies achieve positive transformation"
Our Mission


Argonauta is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve optimal effectiveness.

We help organizations think strategically about their businesses and create successful strategic alliances.  And we work with individuals to enable them to decrease stress and increase concentration through Mindfulness meditation, thereby achieving greater professional and personal success.

The result for both individuals and organizations is greater resilience and sustained high performance.

Our services include:

  • The development and assessment of strategic alliances;
  • The assessment of organizational governance;
  • Strategic Mindfulness Programs;
  • One-on-One Strategic Mindfulness Coaching.
Our Name



Argonauta derives its name from a remarkable sea creature.  The Argonauta creates a shell for protection.  But unlike other shellfish, the Argonauta readily abandons its shell when it no longer suits its purpose or feels the need for that defense.  It then swims the seas freely, creating a new shell when the need arises.

The success, flexibility and grace of the Argonauta provide an appropriate metaphor for the work that we do and how we help our clients.  It is about enabling transformation, facilitating consciousness and ensuring a strategic approach organizationally and in every aspect of an individual’s professional and personal life.


Improve Your Company’s Performance Using Mindfulness Meditation


A growing number of organizations are using Mindfulness Meditation as a success strategy and improving their health and financial performance. This easy-to-learn technique increases focus and concentration, job satisfaction and the soft skills required for effective leadership. Skills such as the ability to listen and gauge body language, as well as empathy and compassion, can help you better evaluate and respond successfully in meetings and negotiations. You will excel at forming alliances, negotiating deals, building relationships and motivating your team.



What is Mindfulness Meditation?


Mindfulness Meditation is about being present in your day-to-day life, while being focused and calm in everyday tasks. You can apply Mindfulness Meditation sitting in a meeting, running on the treadmill, on a flight or while stuck in traffic. It is free of any belief system.


To learn more about the programs available, or register for the next sessions of Mindfulness Meditation, please contact Maria Gonzalez by email mgonzalez@argonautaconsulting.com.