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A Series of Videos on Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation - Learn how to train your mind


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Stay calm and don't let money take control of you

Discussing the Five Hindrances to Your Success

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The Mindful Investor
As The Mindful Investor suggests, what’s often needed most is not more money, but more perspective about money. Starting where Maria and Graham have suggested – at the end – is a great way to look back from a place when money truly won’t matter any more, and I can’t think of a better first step to take when planning for today.
Scott Kriens
Juniper Networks
Having seen many thousands of business books over the course of my professional life I was delighted to discover that The Mindful Investor offers a refreshing new approach to personal finance.  Having benefited personally from Maria’s teaching of mindfulness meditation techniques, I can say that this is a book whose time has come and a must-read for anyone looking for an alternative to the madness of the markets.
Jane Cooney
Books for Business

What a breath of fresh air. The world would be a better place if everyone used the tools and processes outlined in this easy to read, inspiring, and practical book.

Rob Quartly
Juno Award Winning Filmmaker and Entrepreneur