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The Mindful Investor
How a Calm Mind Can Bring You Inner Peace
and Financial Security

The Mindful Investor is a friendly, non-threatening guide, teaching you how to bring focus, clarity, and equanimity to your life and finances. In reality most people have enough money, even after the recent market collapse; what they don't have is the level of calm and focus required to live peacefully with money.

We take readers through the basics of Mindfulness Meditation, including the five hindrances to success, and demonstrate how to combine these concepts with sound financial planning principles to create a clear, structured financial future. When you're mindful, you can make money work for you, rather than being worked by your money.


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Praise for
The Mindful Investor
As The Mindful Investor suggests, what’s often needed most is not more money, but more perspective about money. Starting where Maria and Graham have suggested – at the end – is a great way to look back from a place when money truly won’t matter any more, and I can’t think of a better first step to take when planning for today.
Scott Kriens
Juniper Networks