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What Our Clients Say


"... I'm calmer, more content and less flustered about the past or the future. Meditation adds a great amount of sanity to life... In my professional life, people see me as being more present and more confident..."
Sean Foran

"... I find that my ability to concentrate is much greater than before I started to meditate. I also find that I am more creative than I was in the past… I am also able to anticipate client needs as well as manage stress better than I did before."

Gaetano Geretto,
President, Pelecanus Strategic Advisory Services Inc.

"... Maria brings a powerful combination of wisdom as a senior business leader and negotiator and enormous talent in guiding the deeply personal meditation process. This blend of experiences gives her the ability to understand and relate to clients on many levels."

Lesley Parrott,
Principal, Lesley Parrott Consulting

"... Working with Maria has taught me the difference in results that come from focus as opposed to multi-tasking.  I have learned to get present before I interact with people so that I can devote my full attention to the issue at hand.  I can also move through a very large list of things that need to be done and am more in control of my day."

Jan Kestle,
President, Environics Analytics

"... Meditating... has enabled me to be more calm and focused in meetings, making me more effective at my job.  Small things that at one time may have bothered me tend to roll off, having minimal effect.  I feel more connected to my inner self, more confident and optimistic for the future."

Judy Sims,
Director, Product Development and Business Management, Thestar.com

"... I apply Mindfulness in the workplace to better manage relationships. It has helped me to look at myself in a much more objective way. ... Instead of being judgmental I can be more introspective and make a situation pleasant rather than unpleasant."

Jocelyne Achat

"... Meditation is a powerful coping skill for times of stress, and an amazing, life-enhancing practice in ordinary, daily life. It is simple, and its effects are immediate."

Peggy Guest, President, Imperial Street Design

"Mindfulness Meditation provides a time to calm the mind and go within to find peace. It helps me to be more aware (and mindful) of everyday experiences and to listen better. It positively impacts communication. Meditation helps to put things in perspective."

Kathy Wilkie,
Registrar & Executive Director, College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario

"I started meditating... because I wanted to quiet my mind and learn how to be present and in the moment. My meditation practice has transformed my life, personally and professionally. I feel calm, patient, peaceful, present, kind and joyful...It has allowed me to be more productive because I'm able to stay focused."

Peggie Pelosi,
Founder/ President, Orenda Connections

"I attended Maria's Mindful Golf Workshop in 2007... I am calmer and more thoughtful on the golf course and I don't get down on myself as much for poor shots. ...After taking the course I won the Senior Ladies Club Championship. I can honestly say that I believe that the learnings from the Workshop contributed to this latter success."

Gail Kilgour
member of St. George's Golf & Country Club

"I am thrilled to let you know how your Mindful Golf Workshop has helped my golf game; bottom line: my scores are better, my handicap is lower. I have more confidence that I can execute the shots that I want; I have more good shots and fewer bad shots... I can highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their game, and their enjoyment of this great sport."

Janice May
member of Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club

"I've been thrilled with the results I've seen after having attended the Mindful Golf Workshop. ... I immediately started putting the techniques and concepts I learned into practice on the course. Over the season I took ten strokes off my game... I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to improve their game, be more relaxed, less frustrated, and have more fun."

Gloria MacDonald -
member of ClubLink


Mindfulness Training Programs:

One-on-One Coaching Program
This 8-week Introductory Program trains individuals to develop calm and concentration. It combines stress management and creating optimal effectiveness in personal and professional life. It is also tailored to the individual’s needs.


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

This 8-week introductory course provides teaching, as well as formal meditation sitting. It is equally valuable to a wide audience; with new and experienced meditators welcome. It is targeted to those who have never meditated before and would like to get started, those who have started meditating and are wondering if “I am doing it right”, and those who would like the support of a group to enhance existing Practice.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program
This technique helps individuals achieve composure, clarity and equanimity to be more aware in the present and better able to cope with stress.


Creating Optimal Effectiveness in Personal and Professional Life

This course is available to those who have completed the Introductory Course. A unique aspect of this course is its application to the business and professional environment, contributing to personal resilience and sustained high performance.


Music Based Mindfulness
This course is highly successful with both teenagers and adults. It increases the ability to concentrate, reduce stress and deal with emotions. It is used to improve academic and athletic performance, decrease physical and emotional stress in dealing with peers and family, and develops an understanding of oneself in a deeper way.


Custom-designed Mindfulness Programs Corporate teams apply Mindfulness to their everyday working environments, attaining greater concentration and performance. The Mindfulness process is applied to goal setting, decision making and all aspects of business. It also includes Mindful Meetings, where participants learn how to lead and participate in meetings that are much more effective and efficient. It can also include Mindful Negotiations, where participants learn to negotiate mutually beneficial deals in any business context.


Mindful Life & Career Planning

This program helps participants determine what they want for their lives holistically, as well as personally and professionally.


Mindful New Year’s Planning/Resolutions This program helps participants apply Mindfulness to yearly goal setting.


Mindful Golf Workshops
Individuals learn to master the mental part of Golf by learning how to be calm, and concentrate. This makes the difference between an average round of Golf and a great round.